Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur is 535 years old

The Tashkent State Economic University hosted a cultural and innovation event dedicated to the 535th anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur.

There will be great kings, great scholars, prominent writers and poets who clearly identify the historical, cultural and national images of every nation.

Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur is one of the great sons of humanity. In the history of humanity, Bobur’s personality, talent and virtues are very rare.

Bobur is a great king, a great poet, a theoretical literary critic, a faqih, linguist, an art critic, an ethnographer, a creator of animal and plant life. Only one “Boburnoma” is an example of its interest in more than twenty industries.

February 14 is the birthday of our great grandfather Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, who has a strong place in the history of national poetry in our country, delighted with the hearts and souls of the native land, humanity, love and love.

535th anniversary of the great poet and statesman Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur is widely celebrated in all spots of our country.

At the event at the Tashkent State University of Economics, lectures and musical-cultural essays, “Artistic parties”, intellectual contests, and other events aimed at studying and popularizing life and creativity of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, national costumes and puppet shows, as well as rituals for banners promoting BoburDay campaign and many other promotional projects. It was attended by poets, writers, scientists, artisans, singers, sportspeople, international and Asian champions in various fields and directions, as well as scholarship winners.

It is worth noting that the university professors and students actively participated in these events organized in connection with the 535th anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, the great statesman, commander, poet and writer, who did great works, creativity and creativity in our national history. cultural heritage.

Participants made extensive coverage of memorable videos and photos on social networks and websites online.

  Photo by: Humoyun Rakhmatov

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