Vice rector  Abdurakhmanova Gulnora
  Acceptance time:   Tuesday 1500 – 1700, Thursday 1500 – 1700, Saturday 1500 – 1700
  Phone:   (0 371) 239-27-15
  Fax:    (0 371) 239-27-09
Duties of vice rector are to:

– implementation of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees and orders of the President, decrees of the Oliy Majlis and the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of education and training, normative legal acts and instructions of the Ministry of Education;

– provision of general guidance and control over problem laboratories, departments and other research units of the university, and also participate in research projects and grants, systematically monitor the effectiveness of research, establish innovative partnerships with industrial enterprises, address issues related to the introduction of innovations in production, to provide scientific and technical developments at various exhibitions;

– controlling the process of preparing and publishing scientific materials, including journals and scientific articles of university staff, as well as educational-methodical and scientific-periodical publications throughout the educational and scientific activities of the university, as well as control over the updating of the library literature;

– coordination the planning of the organization and conduct of national and international scientific and practical conferences and ensuring the participation of teachers and university staff at scientific conferences, held in other organizations and enterprises, assistance in the formation of scientific schools at the university, encouragement of any effective scientific activity;

– ensurance the training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff, working with doctoral students, and independent researchers of the university, and also to assist in the help of the university staff in the timely receipt of scientific titles and activities;

– management and assistance in the search, selection and work with talented youth;

– participation in the formation and approval of the subject and content of research for foreign grants, carry out all research projects and grants, to monitor international scientific conferences in cooperation with the International Relations Department;

– management the process of preparing students and trainee researches to prestigious scholarships named Navoi, Beruni, Ulugbek, Zulfiya;

– creation and coordination of the material and technical base necessary for the development of scientific activities at the university and provision with appropriate scientific equipment;

– observance of the University’s Charter, internal regulations, decisions of the Academic Council, orders, goals and functions of the employer in the educational system, as well as of their official duties, also executive, labor and educational disciplines, rules of labor and safety, as well as industrial sanitation in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 12, “Measures to strengthen the executive discipline” from January 12, 1999.