Vice Rector for Finance and Economics

Idiev Nodir Fozilovich

Vice-rector for finance and economics

                     Duties of the Vice-Rector for Finance and Economics:

management and coordination of finance-economy, household, construction, repair and security (guarding) activities;

management and coordination of financial and economic, accounting, marketing, household, transport, construction and repair, student dwelling, labor safety, sport and recreation, vacation, security (guarding) departments and proper in the prescribed order regulation of public catering businesses;

to work out the revenues and expenditure estimates of the state budget, contract payments, development funds and special account funds, submit them to the Ministry of Finance and related organizations for registration and ensure execution quality within the established deadlines;

to work out for approval of the university staffing table and professorial-teacher specification forms and ensuring their quality;

accurate marking and timely payment of monthly basic and supplementary wages of professorial-teachers and staff and students’ stipends;

to provide material assistance to low-income students, professors and teaching staff;

quality-based financing of educational and methodological, spiritual-enlightenment and research work in the established order and terms;

to arrange payments for the contracts based on the IV-group expenditures, approved expenditure estimates, payments according to the established limits, and achieving cost savings in utilizing all material resources;

to organize the payment of the contractual fees for training within the established deadlines;

to achieve rational use of budget and extra-budgetary funds;

to create an annual plan for the development of small business and private entrepreneurship and to ensure its quality execution;

to work out the annual plan for the development of the educational services and to ensure its implementation quality;

efficient use of educational premises, quality provision of classrooms and laboratories with modern computer-information technologies and educational-technical means;

to create the material and technical base necessary for the effective development of educational, teaching, scientific research, spiritual enlightening and economic activities, quality assurance of goods, equipment, means and tools supply;

to organization of the quality publishing process of educational, academic, scientific and cultural literature, including journals and scientific papers;

to provide the conditions set out in student dwellings and special dormitories due to established norms;

to ensuring effective functioning of sports and recreation, daily service, cater, resting and engineering and communication facilities;

to organize the capital and current repairs and capital construction works on the basis of normative documents and control over their quality execution;

to implement the effective measures on preparing of educational laboratory facilities, student dwellings and other auxiliary constructions and facilities for autumn-winter period and new academic year;

to organize effective attracting of foreign and local investment;

to work out the complex measures for beautification and landscaping and ensure their qualitative implementation;

 to provide economic, ecological, household, fire and other types of security.