Chief of department: Yakubov Shohruh Akmaljon o‘g‘li
Time of receipt: 1000 – 1300
Phone: (+99871) 239-28-64
Address: Administrative building, 3rd floor

Information on the staff of Planning and Finance Department

Photo Name, surname, last name position Time of receipt e-mail

Phone number

1. Gayupova Gulchehra Nuritdinovna Chief Accountant +998 71 239-28-64


Activities and directions of the Planning and Finance Department

Approve the university staff schedules prepared for the current year on budgetary extrabudgetary according the rectors decree and special funds, to approve in the Ministry of Higher and
special funds, to approve in the ministry of higher and secondary special education;

Preparation of budget, timely budget, special annual lists in time, approve by the rector of the university then approve the ministry of higher and Secondary Special Education;

Control of contracts for renting the free territory of the university with tenants at the beginning of the year timely payment of rent and utility payments;

According to the approved loads by chairs determine the number of staff based on the norms and monitory of the professors and teachers in the states;

Approve constantly raising in wages, recalculating the salary of staff and professor-teachers according to the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Give report in the end of every month in sphere of service and sundering of assistance;

Registrate orders of university rectors about students attendance;

Fill information’s about movements of students contingent deliver according to the schedule;

Pass the report of students number till every quarter of following month to accountant department;

Pass statistic report of 4 th academic form till 5 th November in current year;

Monitor the number of state registrating in time the list of accepted and dismissed stuff and professor-teachers;

Presentation of the stuff and professor-teachers visiting rate list to accounts till 10 date of the fallowing month after each quarter;

Passing half year report form of 1-T document to urban statistic consolidation;

Pass the report of authority in 1-UP form to urban statistic consolidation till 3 rd date of the fallowing month after each quarter;

Present the 1 st report to the city statistical office before 15 th of December;

Introduction and timely monitoring of living expenses in communal residential units of the 19 th children’s dormitory;

Respond regularly the letters of the authority.