There are 4 editors in the editorial and publishing department: 1 technical editor and 1 proofreader. The purpose of the department is to prepare and publish educational and scientific literature on various sectors of the economy on the basis of modern requirements.

The main tasks of the editorial and publishing department are:

– Preparation and publication of various literature and documents related to higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, the production of educational, methodological guides and directions for teachers, students and researchers in the areas and specialties of economic education;

– publication of scientific and practical conferences, seminars and other forms of scientific dialogue, discussion materials.

Editorial and publishing department works in accordance with the decisions of the Council of the University to determine the direction of publications, topics, editions and authors with the necessary departments as agreed.

The editorial and publishing department carries out its activities on the basis of the concept of the publishing house and its main directions in the conditions of professional independence of the department.

The editorial and publishing department complies with its Charter. Performs decisions taken by the Tashkent State University of Economics  on its activities. Observes copyrights. Provides a high level of publishing products.

The head of the Editorial and Publishing Department constantly tries to improve the professional level of her employees, cares about the work of staff, the unity of the team.