Department of Financial Analysis and Auditing

General information about the department

The department of “Audit” of the Tashkent State University of Economics was founded in 1996 under the faculty of “Accounting and Audit”, since 2010, the Department of Economic Analysis and Audit.

The department of “Economic analysis and audit” prepares bachelors in 5230900 “Accounting and audit (by branches)” and masters in the specialty 5A230902 “Audit” (by branches).

Bachelors in “Accounting and Auditing” direction are providing with accountants and auditors of public administration bodies, joint-stock companies, joint ventures, small businesses and partnerships and auditing organizations. The trained specialists can work in all sectors of the economy. To date, more than 3000 bachelors and masters have been trained in the department.

In 1996-2011, head of the department was prof. M.Tulakhodjaeva, then professor of the department for the period 2011-2016 was The Khasanov. Since 2016 the senior lecturer Z.Mukumov is the head of the department.


The direction and the specialty of the department:

5230900 – Bachelor’s degree in “Accounting and Auditing (by branches)” 5A230902 – Master’s degree in Audit (by sector and industry).  

Professors and teachers of the department:

Foto surati F.I.Sh. Ilmiy darajasi va unvoni
1. Muqumov Zafar Avazmurotovich The head of the chair, Ph.d docent
2. Xasanov Baxodir Akramovich Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
3. Mamatov Zayniddin Tulaboevich Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
4. Ilxomov Shovkat Islomovich Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
5. Xodjaeva Mo‘tabar Xamidullaevna Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
6. Tojiboeva Shaxnoza Anvarovna Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
7. Eshboev O‘ktam Toshtemirovich Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
8.   Fayzieva Umida Toirjonovna Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
9. Xamidova Suluv Yangiboena Candidate of Economic Sciences, docent
10. Otajonov Baxtiyor Omonboevich docent
11. Tulaev Mirzakul Salamovich docent
12. Bobabekova Gulchexra Baxtiyarovna Senior Lecturer
13.   Isamuxamedov Aziz Sadikovich Senior Lecturer
14. Norboev Odil Abraevich Senior Lecturer
15. Azlarova Dilnoza Axrorovna Senior Lecturer
16. Saloxiddinov Sanjar Aliqulovich Senior Lecturer
17. Rahimov Alisher Abdurasulovich Senior Lecturer
18. Maxkamboev Komiljon Abdulxaqovich ass.
19. Qodirova Zulxumor Namazovna ass.
20. Ibragimova Iroda Rashid kizi ass.
21. Xojimuratov Nizomjon Shukurullaevich Senior Lecturer, PhD
22. Xasanova Xusnora Faxriddinovna ass.

Educational-methodical works of the department

In recent years, teachers of the department have created and published many textbooks, manuals, educational and methodological complexes taught in the department. In particular, textbook on “Audit”, Sh.Ilhamov, A.Shoalimov, Sh.Tojiboeva on the subject “Audit” by Z.Mamatov, Sh.Ilhamov, M.To’lakhodjaeva, M.Hodjaeva, K.Ahmedzhanov, M.Tulaevs Textbook on “Economic Analysis and Audit”, A. Shoalimov, Sh.Tojiboeva, H.Davlatov, “Economic Analysis”, Sh.Ilhamov’s textbook on “Practical Audit”, Sh.Ilhamov’s textbook on “Audit” , Sh.Ilhamov’s textbook on “Practical audit”, B.Hasanov, F. Abdurakhmanova, O.Norboev, Z. Kadyrova, “Methods of analysis of the analytical character”, B. Hasanov, U. Eshboev published a textbook entitled “Financial and Managerial Analysis”.


Research work of the department

The results of protection of doctoral students and independent researchers of the department:

Protected scientific works 2016 year 2017 year 2018 year
DSc 1
  The teachers of the department published by the scientific-research works:
No Type of publication 2014 year 2015 year 2016 year 2017 year Total
1. Monographs 1        
2. Articles 13 15 14 17 59
3. Theses 45 38 54 28 165
Total: 39 47 60 38 224

Spiritual and educational plan of the department

International partners of the department

  • Moscow State University
  • UK Nottingham University

Innovative and corporate partners of the department

  • The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Uzbekistan National Association of Accountants and Auditors
  • the Chamber of Auditors of Uzbekistan
  • “Uzbekugmir” JSC
  • JSC “Uzkurilishmateriallari”
  • “Norma professional development center” NTM
  • PKF “MAK ALYANS” auditing organization
  • Audit organization “Fair audit”
  • FTF-LEA auditing organization

Educational, methodical and scientific works