International Tourism Faculty

 Information about International tourism faculty

Strengthening the independence of the economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the establishment of a strong economy require the modernization of the economy in various fields. One of the most important conditions for the state’s economic development is the efficient use of tourism services to gradually enter the world markets of goods and services. Training in tourism is an important factor for this process. For this purpose, the International Tourism Faculty of the Tashkent State Economic University announces that the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On training qualified personnel for the tourism industry in Uzbekistan” dated 30 June 1999 and Cabinet of Ministers on July 2, 1999, On Measures for Improvement of Living Standards “. It is also planned to create special education institutions that will train specialists in the field of tourism at the level of modern tourism and, therefore, strengthen the economic potential of tourism in our country and increase its efficiency.

Most professors and teachers of the International Tourism Faculty are trained in tourism, service areas in Poland, Germany, Finland, Austria, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, China and other foreign countries.


 Information about dean and dean of the International Tourism Faculty

Name Photo Acceptance time E-mail address PHONE NUMBER
Zufarova Nozima Monday to Saturday,

Time 1400-1700 (0371) 239-28-59
Xasanov Xayrulla Monday to Saturday,

Time 1400-1700 +998 90 972 88 80
Mardonov Aziz Yusupovich Monday to Saturday,

Time 1400-1700 +99890-982-22-99


Departments of International Tourism Faculty:

  1. Tourism and service department
  2. Marketing department
  3. Infrastructure Development and Logistics Department
  4. History of Uzbekistan
  5. The theory and practice of building democracies society in Uzbekistan
  6. Physical culture chair

Directions of education prepared within the framework of International Tourism Faculty

Nowadays the International Tourism Faculty trains bachelors in 8 directions and masters in 3 specialties:


5230400 – Marketing (logistics)

5230400 – Marketing (by sector and industry)

5230400 – Marketing (foreign economic activity)

5230400 – Marketing (goods and services)

561000 – Services sector (tourism service)

561000 – The sphere of services (small business and entrepreneurship)

561000 – The sphere of services (organization and management of tourism)

5610200 – Organization and management of hotel economy

Master’s Degree:

5A-230401- Marketing (by sector and industry)

5A-230403- Logistics

5A-610301- Tourism (by type of activity)


The faculty contingent:

In the academic year 2017/2018 – 781 students are enrolled in the faculty, including:

1 course – 207 students;

2nd year – 185 students;

3 courses – 164 students;

4 courses – 225 students.