Corporate Management Faculty


“Corporative governance department” faculty is one of the leader faculties of Tashkent state university of economics. In 2017 year it celebrated its 27- anniversary. Nowadays more than 1275 students study and more than 500 teachers work at the university. The faculty tries to provide its students with high quality lessons, fulfilling lessons with scientific maintenance, giving creative direction and assisting for students’ independent works. The faculty is oriented on training high skilled staff taking into account not only high demand of labor market but the growth of knowledge level. The priority of faculty activity is raising the quality of education. The task is being solved in complex, focused first of all on the foundation which every time was an advantage of home education.

“Corporative governance department” faculty possesses strong scientific potential in the field of applied and fundamental researches. Modern auditoriums of the faculty are supplied with up-to-date technical means equipped with computers, projectors. There is an information resource center, smart rooms, lecture halls of the world models, additional social nets for faculty information. Our faculty created all conditions for education of students. There are all conditions for relaxing, going in for sport, doing homework at the faculty. There are modern auditoriums with information resource centers, comfortable students’ residences, canteens with qualified services, stadiums at our University.


    Dean:  Khalikov Ulug‘bek
  Time of reception: 1400 – 1700
  Telephone: (0 371) 239-28-14
    Vice-dean: Ismailov Dilshod
  Time of reception: 1400 – 1700
  Telephone: (0 371) 239-01-0​7
  Vice-dean:   Egamberdiev Shukhrat 
  Time of reception: 1400 – 1700
  Telephone: (0 371) 239-01-0​7
  Vice-dean: Foziljonov Ibrokhimjon
  Time of reception: 1400 – 1700
  Telephone: (0 371) 239-01-0​7


Departments of the faculty

Department of Banking

Department of Management

Department of Corporative Governance

Department of World Economy

Department of World Languages

Department of English Language


Educational trends

5230700 – Department of Banking

5230200 – Department of Management

5231900 – Department of Corporative Governance

5231100 – Department of World Economy and  Foreign Economic Relations



Our faculty gets into touch with international economic relations, development of national economy of the Republic in order to gain high achievements in international markets co-operates with companies and firms. In order to train high qualified staff in the field of international economic relations on 22 April in 1990 it was founded “International economic relations” faculty. In 2011 on 3 October it worked as a faculty of “Investment activity”. In 2013 on 3 January the faculty was changed to “Banking faculty”. In 2016 the faculty was named to “Corporative governance”. Nowadays 1275 students study at the faculty on scientific directions.



There are 6 chairs at the faculty. Establishment of these departments let to concentrate efforts of special subjects’ teachers for intensive scientific and methodical tasks, contributed to unification of scientific interests and quickened the process of research works introductions into teaching practice. Departments do the following tasks:

  • Organize and implement educational, methodical, scientific works on the profile;
  • Conduct scientific researches on urgent theoretical and applied problems with practice -oriented character;
  • Organize working outs, publications of scientific and educational methodological literature, innovative methodological complexes, scientific journals, information-analytical materials and other publications;
  • Fix relations with other departments of home and foreign educational establishments;

According to individual plans of scientific works teachers of the faculty implement writings, reviews for publications of textbooks, teaching aids, monographs, scientific articles, reports. Participate in scientific conferences and seminars; work in scientific council on defense of dissertations, guiding scientific advisors tasks. All departments of the faculty deal with the special fields and city collages on corresponding educational directions. On the basis of contracts they act by aimed plan during the academic year. Professor-teacher of the faculty create textbooks, teaching aids for specialized colleges and hold seminar-trainings for specialized colleges’ teachers how to conduct lessons using modern pedagogical and information-communication technologies. The branches of faculty department were organized in many specialized colleges. Cooperation of specialists from different fields of economy, finance and management, disciplined approach lets to achieve good results and improve educational programs. Made comfortable zone for showing creative abilities motivates our teachers to work out and implement new courses for students’ independent work. A big amount of cases and mini cases for all level programs, different tasks for independent and control work have been worked out recent years, besides it has been suggested new courses for renewal of existing courses. Particular attentions are being paid for magistracy students for scientific researches. Every year active students of Corporative governance faculty are participating in students’ scientific conferences. These conferences give students a big opportunity to present achievements of scientific works, participate in debates with famous scientific experts from whom they can receive consultations. All specialized department of the faculty are leading departments of the University. Every department has its history of establishment and development which closely belongs to the history of the University, introducing strong scientific educational establishment which has rich skills on training of specialists for corresponding fields.


  1. Department of banking
  2. Department of corporative governance
  3. Department of management
  4. Department of world economy
  5. English language department
  6. Department of world languages


Tashkent state university of economics with Corporative governance faculty support and develop cooperation with international organizations and scientific centers, embassies of foreign countries. Our university takes active part in projects of Tempus, British Council, the World Bank, LSA, LSE, KOICA, OAAO. Cooperation is being held according organized plans of trainings, international conferences, seminar, and symposiums. The university took part in many projects of Tempus, British Council and Erasmus Mundus.

In the frame of international partnership teachers of leading universities of Asia Mr Ji Ni Chilkeda- volunteer of “JIKA” organization, Mr Djang Biyung Mok-volunteer of “KOICA” organization conduct lectures in our university. University exchange skills with other universities of USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Finland, Poland, China, Lithuania, Latvia, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and others.

International cooperation is being realized on the basis of corresponding international contracts, international-scientific and technical projects, programs and in the form of assistance of establishments and expansion of scientific-technical cooperation between Uzbek and foreign scientific organization. One can observe a friendly atmosphere among teachers and students of our university.


The mission of the faculty is to be a leader center of creative thinking and economic education of the region, develop and spread knowledge in the field of economy, management, politico-economical and controlling activity, partnership, train high qualified specialists, form a personality who can be a leader in the global world, bring up  perfect citizens of our motherland and do services for investment, commercial, governmental and not commercial organizations. The faculty tries to implement policy with maximum responsibility in the field of education. One of the directions of this policy is creating a new economy: economy of knowledge, leadership and innovations. The key team is high qualified staff mastering new world technologies, able to solve new complex problems in the field of economy, production who can lead economy of Uzbekistan to new stage of development.


All programs of the faculty possess specific details which everything presents its value and all of them together make the faculty really unique:

  • Disciplined attitude and using new technologies of teaching (case-study, innovations, training) provide the creation of functional competence.
  • Participation of scientific and business experts having a giant practice on scientific and management skills who can pass skills to students in taking an orientation and achieving high levels in their future professional activities.
  • Activity and flexibility of programs which provide new analysis and corrections of educational process and teachers work.
  • Adaptation of existing programs in the labor market and requirements of employers.
  • Combined education in Uzbekistan and studying in other universities of the world, different forms of international cooperation.
  • Working out new and renewal of the educational methodological complex supply educational process with new technics.
  • Created all conditions of information technologies for students.


Students of our faculty learn profile subjects and get professional skills by qualified teacher. By chosen directions, graduators of undergraduate and magistracy obtain fundamental knowledge in the field of economy and finance, management, international cooperation. Graduators who have a high level of competence can afford:

  • Recommend himself as a specialist, gaining a big intellectual potential, wide view, knowledge, demonstrating a professional competence, able to perceive deep and complex problems which require operative solving and aspiring to retrain skills.
  • Competent using of owned commercial and analytical qualities of skilled specialist who knows well how to implement financial, economical, management methods, analysis and has a big practice to use financial data.
  • Organize his professional activity according to culture of entrepreneurship, traditions of business turn, ethical and moral rules and norms of behavior.
  • Gain competitive advantages in comparison to other educational establishments of economy.



Our students find a lot of friends forever while they communicate, create their projects on subjects working in teams and groups, not only at lessons but after. The faculty gives students a big opportunity in solving problems independently.



You learn subjects of general education programs presented in a large scale. Your study begins with learning English language intensively. Skilled teacher of English language department help you in it. After graduation most of the graduators of our faculty remember about their study and teachers that they studied at the most urgent stage while they were forming their independent mode of thinking.  Students get knowledge in a friendly but exigent atmosphere.



The best of your time you spend sharing your interests with energetic and smart group mates in a creative condition. This way you form circle of communication which stays with you forever. Our sport teams are taking part in national and international competitions. A lot of debates, round table talks, interesting meetings for teacher and students are being organized in our faculty. The most popular measures are: “Miss and mister of the faculty”, “Contest”, football championships, daily show of films and festivals in English language.



We expect our students’ submergence into academic life and getting deep knowledge. Academic plan is structured for students’ life and education but all conditions have been created for building a personality. The most high qualified teacher of the University with scientific degrees, practicing and leader scientists of Uzbekistan in the field of economy have been attracted to the educational process. Worked out textbooks, teaching aids, programs and texts of lectures have found their political and ideological reflects belonging to the independence, national ideology and modernizing the economy of Uzbekistan. The main amount of department’s publications is prepared in State language. Literature meets all requirements. There is an information-resource center connected to Internet at the faculty. Since recent years all subjects of lessons have been conducted by new pedagogical technologies. Case studies are being used at the lessons. Particular attention is being paid for integration of production and science. More than 35% of qualification works on faculty directions are being done by orders of establishments. Production-qualification practice of students takes place in the Ministry of foreign economic relations, investment and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Trade-manufacture Chamber, National Bank, Agro-bank, Asaka bank, Ozkekengilsanoat State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on privatization, demobilization and development of competition and join-stocks. Seven groups of English language education were created. The best qualified teachers conduct all subjects in English language.



         “Corporative governance department” faculty trains comprehensively, ideologically well-bred, social active specialists and tries to form sense of national pride, patriotic spirit in students who can fight for national priorities and wellbeing of the motherland.  Teachers of our University strive to work out ideological immunity in students for struggle against international terrorism, regional and political extremism, drug addiction and organized crimes:

  • Created fair conditions for the defense of youth study, doing researches and keeping healthy lifestyle.
  • In order to shape spiritual appearance of the students, bring up students with a sense of patriotic spirit systematic purposed tasks are being held.
  • Organizing round table talks and meetings with famous people of culture.


For support of first-year students it was established a consultation center at our faculty. Careful employees of the center hold consultations and help students. Besides, at the beginning of the academic year students have interesting orientation program which assists them to be adjusted for University life.



There are smart and modern buildings, available library, comfortable sport centers, a number of rooms for technical and aids supply, a perfect choice of canteens, a wonderful mountain-sanitation complex where students can relax in the territory of University. Our faculty probably will be a home for you where you can pass your best student life.



Corporative governance is one of the popular and demanded specialties in the fields of high education nowadays. Despite of a huge amount of educational establishments it is not easy to find a University where your will have a good chance to get a qualified education for corporative governance. Corporative governance sphere is one of the most prestigious and perspective professions for building a career. This direction always develops that’s why economy needs specialists on corporative governance. High education gives all opportunities for realizing career interests in the field of corporative governance.

The mission of the corporative governance faculty is to boost economy development of Uzbekistan and the world economy due to training of high qualified staff on the base of working out and introducing innovative methods of teaching and doing scientific researches. Our teachers intend to educate specialists who can meet the requirements of labor market and the State sector of economy and management as well. The faculty creates all possibilities for education of students which let them be claimed specialists on the terms of competition in the labor market. Professor-teachers of the faculty differ with high mastery and enthusiasm, creating conditions for students in having perfect theoretical and practical skills. Training students for management and controlling spheres, banks and the world economy in Uzbekistan began in 1990 years. Rapid growth of commercial establishments in that period impacted teacher to educate high level specialists for those fields. Today corporative governance faculty is a contemporary business school implementing concepts of continuous education purposing to achieve successful levels in education system. Rash career growth of our graduators and positive references of employers create durable reputation and motivate us to improve educational program.