Scientific and practical seminars within the framework of the innovation and the entrepreneurial cooperation

 In accordance with the Treaty of innovation and corporate partnership, according to the annual plan approved by the departments of the faculties will be organized scientific and practical seminars with the participation of practitioners. The seminars will be presented to the presentation not only partners partner organizations, but the professors and teachers of faculties, as well as students of the undergraduate degrees and masters on topical issues. These events will be organized both in the university and in enterprises and organizations. The main objective of the joint work with practitioners, scholars and talented students on current or emerging мумиям / problems in real life, as well as to develop recommendations to address it. In 2017 as a result of this activity, researchers have received certificates of practical realization of dissertational work, and students of undergraduate and 2-th course of the magistracy in 3rd and 4th years were recruited by partner organizations.


The strategy of action: Summer holidays – 2017


On 7 February 2017, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “The Republic of Uzbekistan” on the further development of the strategy and the content of the Decree No. UE-4947 in order to bring to the attention of the public nature of the Tashkent State Economic University, conducted in a number of practical work.

This is a very important document to full cooperation with the Center for the development of a university, students and teachers on the strategy of “Week of Action” in May.

In addition, in June 2017, the Center for Development Strategy and the Tashkent State Economic University signed a memorandum of cooperation between the University of intellectuals and talented young people in political activities, in order to ensure the participation in socio-economic life of society “strategies of action.”

was formed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan for macroeconomic development, structural reforms and attract foreign investment department of the folding information and analysis dated July 6, 2017, 02 / 1-24 meeting of universities on the basis of the order of the rector of creative working groups.

According to this order, “the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the period 2017-2021 five priority strategies” in action “in the direction of the priorities of development and liberalization of the economy” in order to learn how to do in the implementation of the measures identified in the “strategies of action: summer holidays for 40 days in 2017 – the application of 433 university professors, the doctoral studies, the doctoral studies and volunteer talent taught creative working groups composed of yuborililib areas during the summer break, district and city administration officials as well as with the actions associated with the tasks set out in the strategic areas studied and collected data.

The practical project eventually developed a comprehensive and analytical experience in each region in cooperation with the Center for development strategy, as well as the developed scientific advice and recommendations on the prospective development of the regions. Based on the results of this project, he helped to prepare a brief analysis of the implementation of the priorities for economic development and liberalization” in the regions of the republic and to develop a comprehensive plan of action for the regions.

Round tables, seminars-trainings, “master classes”


To learn the best practices at the University, improve professional skills of teachers and students, well organized system of organization of seminars, round tables and master-classes on various subjects.

Vice-rector of the University of approved the schedule of seminars, conducted within the framework of the innovative corporate cooperation. In accordance with this schedule, in 2017 the Department organized more than 10 round tables and scientific seminars.