The state scientific and technical program of research and

Industrial  contracts

The scientific and technical projects are implemented within the framework of the State scientific and technical programs for scientific research, are annually approved by the Ministry of innovation development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the first stage, the University will be organized by the selection of the fundamental, applied and innovative projects. At the second stage, a decision will be made on the projects selected by the University Council, and the most famous projects will be presented to the Ministry of innovation. The current reports for review under the supervision of experts / experts on the basis of established procedures. These records are kept in the Department of research and scientific and pedagogical preparation of university (IT and the IPCT).

The researchers conducted a research work on projects 898, 24 million soums to 21 topic in the framework of the State scientific and technical programs (DITD) in 2017. In particular, the four fundamental project in the amount of 205 million. Soums, 14 projects at 595,42 million. Soums, 2 of the project in the amount of 75.2 million. Soums.

In order to ensure the integration between education, science and industry, the administration of the university has always had an interest in the development of measures and proposals for addressing the issues of entrepreneurship, business entities and organizations, as well as strategies and expectations of their development. 

Involved in scientific research

The dynamics of the funds, million. soums

Type of research 2014 2015 2016 2017
1 Fundamental 228,495 264,68 289,83 205
2 Practical 247,388 287 314,27 595,42
3 Innovative 82,58 84,45 102,85 75,2
4 Youth 20,0 23,17 20 22,62
5 Agricultural contract 85,0 85 150 182,2
Among University 663,463 744,3 876,94 1080,44

Involved in scientific research

On the basis of the university created the Center of Innovative Research, which establishes a regulatory framework for the development of the capacity of the scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, the creation of the mechanism and the formation of the material and technical base of corresponding to modern requirements.

Was developed by the project practical innovation and institutional cooperation with industries and sectors of the economy with a view to implementation of scientific and technological development, developed by university scientists, researchers, and gifted pupils in the relevant fields, and the systematic development of research.

On June 27, 2017, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Improving the quality of tertiary education and training sectors of the economy, as well as measures to increase the participation of established by Decree No. 3151” about higher education – Science – in order to ensure the integration of production enterprises and 42 innovative and institutional cooperation agreements with the organizations. Today, these modern problems within the framework of the final qualifying work, the dissertation candidate and doctoral dissertations are being implemented. In addition, training of teachers and students and their qualification practice organized directly in the partner companies.