Considering the importance of international organizations in the development of modern international relations, the development of multilateral diplomacy and the development of a separate form of cooperation is the policy of the Tashkent State Economic University in international relations. Every year, more than 30 international and scientific conferences on innovation, economy and tourism are held in the TSUE with the participation of many companies and foreign guests. Professors, teachers, students and employees of TSEU actively participate in these conferences and scientific seminars. The University conducts active scientific activities on the basis of cooperation with leading experts of international universities, as well as together with professors and teachers of the TSEU, developing new curricula and joint teaching aids.

In particular, during the 2018, the following major international conferences and seminars were held:

On May 28-29, international delegations from more than 10 countries participated in the international conference on the Strategy of Actions on the five key priorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Read more: (

On June 18-20, was organized at the international conference “Eurasian Economics” in which took part in professors, teachers, researchers and students from 15 foreign countries. Read more: (

The Uzbek-Russian educational forum was organized in TSUE on October 18-19, and during the meetings for the Russian delegation more than 100 memorandums and agreements were signed. Read more: (

On November 23, the ceremony of awarding the best scientists of Uzbekistan according to the Scopus scientific and analytical database was held at the Palace of Culture of the Tashkent State Economic University. Read more: (