Our students deservedly took part in the “Student Spring” festival

In the Fergana region, within the framework of the “Month of Youth” at the “Student Spring” festival, meetings of khakims, deputies, chairmen, rectors and youth were organized.

Within the framework of the festival, a visit was organized to the most exemplary universities and enterprises of the region.

Otaboev Ahmed Makhsudbekovich and Nizomiddinov Jahonmirzo Zuhriddinovich represented the Tashkent State University of Economics at the festival.

Taking an active part in the events, these students were the first to answer questions, and, having submitted their proposals, they received prizes from the khakim and the rector.

The rector of our university was awarded a letter of thanks from the organizers of the festival for the activity and initiative of our leadership.

After the award ceremony, a concert program was held with the participation of famous artists.

The work will be continued within the framework of the “Month of Youth”.






Izoh qoldirish