List of specialties of Master`s at the university

Code Specialties
1. 5А230101 Economic theory
2. 5А230102 Economy (by industry and sphere)
3. 5А230103 Macroeconomics
4. 5А230106 Econometrics
5. 5А230107 Information technologies and systems in economics
6. 5А230108 Antimonopoly management and competition development
7. 5А230201 Management (by branches and spheres)
8. 5А230401 Marketing (on branches and spheres)
9. 5А230403 Logistics
10. 5А230601 Management of public finances
11. 5А230701 Banking (by type of activity)
12. 5А230801 Taxes and taxation
13. 5А231401 Statistics (by branches and spheres)
14. 5А610301 Tourism (by type of activity)
15. 5А230901 Accounting and audit (by industry)
16. 5А111001 Vocational education (specialty)
17. 5А230110 Demography. Labor economics
18. 5А230902 Audit (by industry)
19. 5А231701 Human Resource Management
20. 5А230603 Management of investments (on branches and spheres))
21. 5А231101 World economy (by region and type of activity)
22. 5А231102 Foreign economic activity (by industry and type of activity)