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After nearly a year of negotiations, Tashkent State University of Economics has reached an agreement with the University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to launch a joint ISEF joint education program.

Academic leadership at the International School of Economics and Finance (ISEF) joint educational program at the Tashkent State University of Economics is performed in collaboration with the University of London and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Graduates of the joint educational program will receive diplomas from the Tashkent State University of Economics and the University of London.

ISEF have been honoured with three Bachelor degrees. This joint collaboration with LSE and UOL is a very important agreement for the higher education system of Uzbekistan. The teaching process in the joint curriculum is entirely in English, and curricula, science programs and teaching materials are developed under the academic guidance of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). All final control tests are prepared by professors from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and evaluated independently. At the end of the year, the final control tests will be conducted under the supervision of the British Council. This ensures transparency and quality of education in the teaching process.

The University of London comprises 17 prestigious UK higher education institutions, which approved the program in partnership with the Tashkent State University of Economics. gave the status of the program, as well as allowed the implementation of the admission process from the 2021/2022 academic year.

So why is this so impressive for Uzbek students and what do we know about the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)? Let’s take a look at international rankings:

The London School of Economics and Political Science ranks 2nd in the world in the social sciences and management, 4th in the world in accounting and finance, and 6th in economics and econometrics. Moreover, it takes the 1st place in the QS ranks, European rankings in Social Sciences and Management, Accounting and Finance, and Economics and Econometrics. As a member of the University of London Federation, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) implements its international joint education programs as a member of this federation.



Graduates of the three joint educational programs will receive diplomas from Tashkent State University of Economics and the University of London.

The duration of study in each of these joint educational programs is 4 years, and students study at the Foundation level in the first academic year. In the 2-3-4 academic years of study, students study in UoL programs under the academic guidance of LSE. Students who successfully complete the 1st stage (Foundation) of the 2021/2022 academic year will be able to continue their studies from the second stage in the following areas:

  • BSc Accounting and Finance
  • BScBanking and Finance
  • BSc Economics.

Importantly, with a special diploma awarded at the end of Level 1 (Foundation), students can study at the undergraduate level in the UK and other European universities in addition to the ISEF joint program areas. Foundation curricula and science programs were developed by TSUE and approved by the LSE for use in the educational process.



Here are the thoughts of Professor Gavin Kretzschmar, Executive Director of the ISEF Joint Education Program:

UoL programs under the academic guidance of a highly rated LSE have the potential and power to transform higher education into a completely whole another level. We can assure parents with confidence that in partnership with UoL and LSE, Uzbek students will have the opportunity to study undergraduate programs in their home country of Uzbekistan.”, said Professor Kretzschmar. He also stated, “I am confident that the opportunities and achievements of ISEF students will be limitless, as ISEF always focuses on teaching quality education and excellence. At this point, we once again congratulate the ISEF team on the launch of this program, which is truly a great achievement of TSUE – ISEF team! I am pleased to welcome the proposal of UoL and ISEF to guide and support ISEF faculty and students in the successful implementation of the UoL-LSE program.”



If you are Interested? Applications are being accepted online through the ISEF Joint Training Program website (https://www.isef-lseuol.ac/). For the convenience of applicants, the reception of documents and passing the entrance exams (from August 2 to September 7) will be organized 3 times.

Applications are being invited from applicants who have graduated from general secondary education (based on 11th grade) or secondary special (academic lyceum) or vocational education (college) institutions.



Entrance exams consist of 2 stages:

Stage 1: All applicants who have applied and received their applications online are invited to take the exam on the joint program campus at TSU (according to the instructions). At this stage, the knowledge of applicants is tested in the following subjects:

  • English: 30 minutes (test) *
  • English: 30 minutes (essay) *
  • Mathematics: 45 min (test)
  • Logic: 30 min (test)

* Applicants with an IELTS (5.0 or higher) certificate or equivalent internationally recognized English language certificate are exempt from the English language test.

Stage 2: Applicants who meet the minimum requirements in the first stage of the second stage will be invited for an interview at the ISEF joint training program TDIU building. At this stage, the management of the joint education program with the applicants will conduct an interview in English.

Classes in the joint education program are conducted in English by highly qualified professors and graduates of prestigious foreign universities and local universities.

Address: 100066, Tashkent city, Chilanzar district, Islam Karimov street, 49, TSU administrative building, 9th floor.

Phone: +998 94 648 5015

            +998 94 648 5016

E-mail: info@isef-lseuol.ac

Website: www.isef-lseuol.ac

Telegram: @isefuz

Facebook: facebook.com/isefuz

Instagram: https://instagram.com/isef_lseuol?utm_medium=copy_link

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuzfDHw9DAp0biS0qjqvMJQ

On the eve of the Day of Press and Mass Media Workers, the winners of the creative competition for the best author’s material, held by the editors of the newspapers “Khalk Suzi” and “Narodnoye Slovo”, were awarded.

The jury members of the editorial creative competition have identified the best in the narrative about the large-scale transformation program being implemented in Uzbekistan.

The winners of the competition were the authors of topical and resonant publications: journalists Nargiza Umarova and Abduvali Soyibnazarov, vice-rector of the Tashkent State Economic University Mansur Eshov, deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis Nodir Zhumaev, rector of Kokand University Sherzod Mustafokulov, doctor of economic sciences Gulnora Abdurakhmanov.

The authors were awarded commemorative diplomas, prizes from the organizers of the competition, and warm words of gratitude were said for their cooperation.

The winners of the next stage of the creative competition for the best author’s material will be determined by the Independence Day.

In recent years, in order to support youth initiatives in our country, a number of projects, start-ups, and business ideas have been implemented. As a result, opportunities for expanding the volume of innovative products, attracting investments in areas that ensure rapid economic growth are expanding.

In today’s Uzbekistan, which is becoming a country of startups, many young people say they need investors. In some cases, young people do not know who to get the necessary experience and skills to implement their startup projects. The Ministry of Innovative Development, the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Generator of Young Entrepreneurs business incubator and the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Center organized a series of Uzbek startups at the Tashkent State Economic University. The future of the country was organized.

Olimjon Toychiev, Director General of the National Directorate for Innovation and Technology Transfer under the Ministry of Innovative Development, Kongratboy Sharipov, Rector of the Tashkent State Economic University, Dilshod Zufarov, Director of the Venture Capital Association of Uzbekistan, Sardorkhon Buzrukhonov, Director of the Generator of Young Entrepreneurs Business Incubator, Hugo Cor, representative French business and Orian-Mehroy Rashidov, director of the Youth Entrepreneurship Support Center, gave advice to young people on the factors, areas, knowledge and implementation mechanisms needed to create startups.

During the meeting, investors were introduced to 14 startups selected from more than 100 projects selected by the Young Entrepreneurs Generator business incubator. Based on the results of the presentation, 3 projects were recommended for funding, and recommendations were given for the remaining projects.









In the Fergana region, within the framework of the “Month of Youth” at the “Student Spring” festival, meetings of khakims, deputies, chairmen, rectors and youth were organized.

Within the framework of the festival, a visit was organized to the most exemplary universities and enterprises of the region.

Otaboev Ahmed Makhsudbekovich and Nizomiddinov Jahonmirzo Zuhriddinovich represented the Tashkent State University of Economics at the festival.

Taking an active part in the events, these students were the first to answer questions, and, having submitted their proposals, they received prizes from the khakim and the rector.

The rector of our university was awarded a letter of thanks from the organizers of the festival for the activity and initiative of our leadership.

After the award ceremony, a concert program was held with the participation of famous artists.

The work will be continued within the framework of the “Month of Youth”.






Тошкент давлат иқтисодиёт университети юқори малакали педагогларни ишга қабул қилиш бўйича танлов эълон қилади

(2021 йил май ойига )

Кафедра мудири: Банк иши ва инвестициялар

 Профессор: Банк иши ва инвестициялар

 Доцент: Менежмент ва маркетинг

Катта ўқитувчилар: Тармоқлар иқтисодиёти, Молиявий таҳлил ва аудит, Жаҳон иқтисодиёти, Амалий математика, Ўзбек тили ва адабиёти, Инглиз тили, Иқтисодиёт, Менежмент ва маркетинг, Молия ва бухгалтерия ҳисоби, Умумий ва аниқ фанлар

Ассистентлар: Молиявий таҳлил ва аудит, Банк иши ва инвестициялар, Иқтисодиёт

Ўқитувчи: Инглиз тили


Ректор номига ариза;

Ходимларни ҳисобга олиш бўйича шахсий варақа (Бошқа ташкилотлардан танловда қатнашишга ариза берганлар учун);

Олий маълумоти, илмий даражаси, илмий унвони ҳақидаги аттестат нусхалари (бошқа ташкилотлардан танловда қатнашишга ариза берганлар учун);

Илмий ишлари рўйхати;

Малака оширганлиги ҳамда қайта тайёрловдан ўтганлиги ҳақидаги дипломлар ва сертификатлар;

Охирги 5 йилда амалга оширган педагогик фаолияти ҳақида ҳисобот;

Кафедра муҳокамасидан кўчирма;

Кафедрада очиқ дарс ўтганлиги ҳақида кўчирма.

Аризалар қабул қилиш муддати – эълон чоп этилган кундан бошлаб 1 ой.

Манзилимиз      –     100066,     Тошкент шаҳри Ислом Каримов кўчаси, 49.

Sovereign Wallet Network (SWN) is pleased to announce a partnership with the Young Entrepreneurs Generator of the Republic of Uzbekistan (YEG). The WBIA is a global association focused on public policy coordination around the use of distributed ledger technologies. Young Entrepreneurs Generator of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the first Uzbekistan government-supported Business Incubator advocating the growth of later-stage startups by providing them with a hyper connected platform to develop innovative products and drive the adoption of revolutionary solutions in the mass market.

The Partnership will see both Parties provide and exchange complementary resources and capabilities. SWN will provide mentoring to the accelerator program and consultation sessions with startups. YEG‘s fast-growing international network of government, corporate, and entrepreneurial partners, such as Enterprise Uzbekistan, will provide a wide mesh of coverage to reach and connect startups.

SWN will be a technical partner for YEG with a focus on helping startups develop products and service solutions that have real-world applicability and impact. The technical partnership with SWN can serve as the foundation for new systems that are more efficient and accessible. With the world moving rapidly towards Industry 4.0, a partner like SWN will be very beneficial as it looks to drive widespread adoption of block chain technology across Uzbekistan and Central Asia.

The core component of this partnership is enabling the successful collaboration between startups and MUI MetaBlockchain ecosystem. Young Entrepreneurs Generator has more than 500 enterprise projects and launched scores of active business networks. Building and scaling on top of the successful block chain project and business network is a priority. YEG is a startup incubator that plans to integrate the MUI MetaBlockchain to support block chain projects with potentials by providing technical consultation, mentoring, co-working space for a convenient and productive environment. The partnership focuses on research and development applications on top of the MUI MetaBlockchain technology.

As a result of this experience, there is a belief that there is a huge opportunity for MUI MetaBlockchain networks to be utilized and scaled successfully when SWN and YEG connect the startups in the Republic of Uzbekistan to MUI MetaBlockchain. In particular, SWN supports and curates the growth-stage startups with the best high-growth innovators worldwide to utilize the MUI MetaBlockchain.

SWN will provide education and mentoring to Young Entrepreneurs Generator (Business Incubator). Block chain is an important technology for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Block chain technologies provide efficiency, security, traceability to financial system-related activities and fundraising for startups.

For more information on SWN please contact: marketing@sovereignwallet.network

SovereignWallet Network: https://sovereignwallet.network/

Young Entrepreneurs Generator: http://yegenerator.uz/