Month: January 2021

Applications for the joint double degree program of the Tashkent State University of Economics and the Turku University of Applied Sciences of Finland will continue until February 15, 2021.

About program

In this double degree program, students study in the form of 1 + 3 and are employed by Finnish companies after successful graduation. In other words, the program participants will study in Uzbekistan for the first year and in Finland for the next three years. Students will also have internships and recruitment at ICT companies and startups in Finland. This program initiated and supported by Peter Vesterbacka, one of the largest innovative entrepreneurs in Europe and the program will focus on innovative teaching methods and approaches. The joint educational program will accept students in the bachelor’s degree in “Information Technology and Entrepreneurship” and “Business Information Technology and Entrepreneurship”.

Hurry up to be one of the most successful students given the opportunity to study in our program.

If you are interested in our program and would like to submit your documents, please fill out the information using the application form provided at the link below:


– Passport

– Diploma and transcript of records

– Students will be admitted through an interview in English (Certificate not required)

☎️ For more information:

Website: (http://tsue.uz/uz/tuzilma/tuas-tdiu-qoshma-talim-dasturi/)

Phone: 91-223-12–11

Е-mail: tuas@tsue.uz