Month: October 2019

In accordance with the plan of scientific-practical seminars within the framework of innovation-corporate cooperation of the Tashkent State University of Economics, the International Tourism Faculty and the Department of Marketing conducted a master class on “New innovations in the sales system.” Moderators of the master class were the founders of the M Factor project, Office Market, Dekos, and, Hasan and Husan Mamasaidov. It was attended by professors, teachers, researchers, masters and bachelors students.

The event was opened by opening speech of Duputy-Rector for Science and Innovations Mansur Eshov who said that the workshops, master-class and meetings for professors and students with representatives of real sector enterprises are being strong and full of discussions, as well as that can further help for strengthening the students’ theoretical knowledge while sharing valuable knowledge and experience and contributing to their basic foundations for their business and entrepreneurship.

Also, the director of the International Center for Scientific Research “University 3.0” Sherzod Mustafakulov said that today the great attention is paid to the use of scientific and practical experience in economic research, and the winners of the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics addressed poverty issue. They have proven that they need to look an outlook of life experiences can defeat poverty rather than paper based theoretical approaches and that the Nobel Prize in one direction was given to three people at one time to Indian-American Abhijit Banerji and French-American Ester Dufol. Afterwards, Hasan Mamasaidov, the founder of Office Market, Dekos and the M Factor Project, introduced the participants.

– There are many things that cannot be even imagined about doing business successfully. Often these factors are quite significant. When someone succeeds, people say, “The luck has come,” or, “They were in the right place at the right time.” People also say, “Bad luck” or “Failure” when they have to set up a business or when their dreams are not met.

Yesterday’s profit may not work today – the rules are constantly changing. Therefore, the results achieved should not be stopped at all. It is important to communicate with positive people and setup new goals. There is always a reason to strive, grow and reach new heights.

An internal control criterion is the peace of soul. This is evident when the inner world is full of wealth and positive emotions. It is to realize that today’s actions can lead to tomorrow’s success. It is the confidence for the future.

Mistakes and failures are at the forefront of everyone. Life is a wonderful teacher, but the cost is very high. Any recession, crisis or failure in business or life will be a powerful blow to our spirits and how much we endure will undermine to our self-confidence. Then you are frustrated and want to give up everything. At such moments you need to look back at life and pause. The spiritual support of family and friends saves a person. Communicating with them, their valuable and timely advice will be inspiring and will give a person the opportunity to return back. As whatever that does not destroy us, makes us stronger.

A good team and a well-organized work is another important aspect. It is like a football field: someone scores goals and another one is defending the gates. If each employee has a clear purpose, knows what is expected from him/her and accomplishes the task, the enterprise will only succeed.

At the same time, each partner and employee of the company feels his/her necessity and his/her contribution to the success of the enterprise, which will stimulate his/her personal development and self-realization.

If we do not develop, we will go back. When I have been invited to seminars and trainings as an expert and business trainer, I quote from the story of “Alice in the land of mirror”: “You have to run continuously to stay where you are, and run at least twice as fast to reach somewhere!” What we have heard in childhood years, we can understand the meaning of these words as we grow older. Dear friends, welcome to the real world – the “country of wonders” – where competition requires constant work and readiness a throne as a rifle. To keep pace with the pace of life, we have to act constantly and work harder to achieve something.

After that the speech was given to one of the keynote speakers of master-class the founder of the M Factor project, Office Market and Dekos, Husan Mamasaidov.

– Mamasaidovs’ are conducting family based business. Rakhmonberdi Mamasaidov’s sons Ikrom, twins Hasan and Husan, and Ibrahim continue their family business which was founded under the brand of ‘Office market’ in 90s. Each of them has chosen their own pathway and has been successful in their field.

We are four children in family. When we were in school, our father tried to take us on trips with him. But with the condition that each turn will go one by one. To state that so far I have been in over 30 countries. I have visited many of these countries to attend business seminars and workshops. The cost of traveling abroad is quite expensive, but to listen to the ideas of the prominent business people there, I try to bring new ideas. I work with stationery, so when I first go to an unfamiliar city I go to the stationery store. I am interested in what is being offered to me and how it is sold. Every time we learn something, it provides the foundation for future development.

We first entered the Tashkent State Institute of Oriental Studies with Hasan, but a year later we entered the Business Administration faculty of Malaysian Institute under Tashkent State Technical University. I also graduated from the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Uzbekistan. I was on many exciting trips at that time, by trying to win scholarship grants, because I wanted to develop in every way possible.

Our company is the official distributor of Deli in Uzbekistan. Deli is in the top 10 in terms of sales capacity in the world. That is why we often meet and exchange experiences with our partners from other countries.

At the end of the master-class, question-answers sessions were held. Professors, teachers, researchers, masters and bachelors students received detailed information regarding their questions.

At the end of the master class, Nozima Zufarova the Dean of the International Tourism Faculty, Shakhnoza Ergashkhodjaeva, the Head of Marketing Department, thanked Hasan and Husan Mamasaidov for their participation and handed them certificates and memorable gifts on behalf of University Rector.