Month: April 2019

On April 12, the Department of “Vocational Education (Economics)” organized a spiritual-enlightenment event titled “The role of teacher-student traditions in the formation of youth spirituality”.

The event was attended by National Television and Radio Company, Senior Editor of Family TV Channel, author and presenter of the program “One Day of the Woman”, actress, TV journalist Mukarrama Bekmurodova.



Mukarrama Bekmurodova has been featured on national TV series such as “Drops of the Sea”, “Champion’s Dream”, “Fitna”, “Last Pouring”, and “Qizg’aloq”, “Merskvich”, “Muhabbat Chanjiri”, “Komila”, “Ota” Our folk dance films in the mahallada duv-duv gap 2.



Mukarram Bekmuradova briefed the audience about the human qualities of his mentor, the People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Shermat Yormatov, about the essence of the teacher, glorification and tolerance in the teacher. The role of teacher-student traditions and their role in shaping the spirituality of the youth were explained through live examples.



Mukarram Bekmurodova spoke about the role of teachers in the editorial, television journalist, actress, and human rights activist, saying that the interest of the teachers is the sacred duty of young people like us. During the event, actress Mukarram Bekmuradova performed excerpts from the role she played, monologue, and contributed to the further development of respect and respect for the teacher at the sitting.

Here are the key elements of information, which universities will have to provide QS with as per our agreement with the Minister, еach of 10 selected universities will provide QS with the following:


  • Any existing roadmap / strategic document in English (if available);
  • List of existing international agreements, including research and exchange programs;
  • List of joint research collaborations and outputs;
  • SciVal data covering at least 6 last years;
  • Data on inbound and outbound student and faculty international mobility, min 12 months;
  • Access to Google analytics with at least 4 months data;
  • Annual key performance targets based on the Ministry’s and individual university’s strategies;
  • Five research strengths and research groups associated with each one of them;
  • Any existing data on research-industry output;
  • Five USPs (Unique Selling Preposition) each of the universities promotes on regional and international level;

Each university should have a complete profile in QS-Hub.