The scientific electronic journal “Economics and innovation technology”

The journal is registered by the Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan for the press and information of 11 August 2011, No. 0681.

According to the Decree of the Presidium of the MDN on 30 December 2013, No. 201/3 “List of republican scientific journals, which should be published scientific articles on the scientific results of dissertational work candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Sciences”.

During the reporting period in Section No. 5 of the journal was published 165 scientific articles.

The banking and financial system, accounting, economic analysis and audit, social policy and employment, investment and investment, innovation management, innovative technologies and projects, the accelerated development of modern industries and production on the basis of innovative technologies, Institutional economics and infrastructure development, modernization of production facilities and the development of leading sectors of the economy, economic education and innovative research, mathematical methods and models, innovative technologies in retraining staff, macroeconomic policies and economic growth, marketing, small business and private entrepreneurship, spirituality, education and harmoniously developed generation, the use of information and communication technologies in the sectors of the economy, pedagogy and pedagogy of technology, taxation and taxation. Insurance, tourism and services, international economic relations.The National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi received ISSN 2181-9270 for publication in 2018 2017.

At the moment, the journal is working on the introduction of the magazine in Web of Science. In particular, editors and experts of participating in the study and analysis of the activities of foreign scientists, as well as in the activities of the influential foreign scientific journals.