About the chief of department

Full name Photo Reception time Email Phone number
Sabirov Oybek Shavkatbekovich   Monday-Saturday,

from 14.00 till 17.00 (0371) 239-01-29


Functional tasks of the department

– organization of the educational process for the preparation of master students, control over the quality of education and training;

– providing the master’s degree specialties with necessary textbooks and literature, attracting leading scientists and highly qualified specialists in this process, developing the scientific industry;

– control over scientific-pedagogical and scientific research activities of master students;

– systematic monitoring of the training and placement of undergraduates;

– organization of a data bank on workplaces on the labor market for the employment of state-financed master students, developing cooperation with organizations concerned with graduate services;

– based on the goals set for the master’s program, the development and implementation of programs and projects aimed at developing the master’s program;

– organization of the educational process for all forms of education (lectures, laboratory classes, practical classes, seminars, etc.), provided for by curricula and programs;

– the education of undergraduates on the basis of spirituality and enlightenment, the organization of skills development process for conducting scientific researches;

– Conducting scientific research works, including innovative projects, grants and others, ensuring the effective integration of education, science and production based on approved curricula;

– to guide and coordinate master students for carrying out scientific research works;

– control over the qualitative organization of practice, design works, master’s theses;

– organization of development of modern pedagogical and information technologies and introduction into the educational process;

– development of various international cooperation, mutual exchange of information, participation in scientific and practical conferences;

– consideration of topics of master’s theses, as well as ensuring direction on problem solving of science and disciplines;

– to organize assessment of master students on the basis of the rating system, analysis of their results and to propose suggestions for their improvement;

– to direct the activity of undergraduates in the off-class time for engaging in creativity, conducting research work, participating in scientific project groups;

– in accordance with the established procedure of curricula, to develop programs and classes schedules on the basis of state educational standards in specialties of Master’s programme and their introduction for approval;

– organization of preparation of textbooks, educational, tutorial and other manuals for undergraduates;

– to work with talented students, to prepare them for different competitions, as well as, participation for receiving the Presidential scholarship;

– to keep in touch with graduates of the master’s degree systematically, as well as to monitor their activities regularly.


About the employees of the department

Full name Photo Position e-mail Phone number
Rajabov Nazirjon Razzokovich   Training specialist (0371) 239-01-29
Nishonov Dilshod Shamsitdinovich Training specialist (0371) 239-01-29


The name and ciphers of the specialties prepared in the magistracy of the TSUE

Specialty code number Name of specialty
1. 5А111001 Theory and Methods of Professional Education (Economics)
2. 5А230101 Economic theory
3. 5А230102 Economics (on industry and sphere)
4. 5А230103 Macroeconomics
5. 5А230106 Econometrics
6. 5А230107 Information Technologies and Systems in Economics
7. 5А230108 Antimonopoly management and competition development
8. 5А230110 Demography. Labor Economics
9. 5А230201 Management (on industry and spheres)
10. 5А230401 Marketing (on branches and spheres)
11. 5А230403 Logistics
12. 5А230603 Investment management (on industry and sphere)
13. 5А230601 State Finance Management
14. 5А230701 Banking on activity type
15. 5А230801 Taxes and taxation
16. 5А230901 Accounting (on branches and spheres)
17. 5А230902 Audit (on branches and sphere)
18. 5А231101 World economy (on regions and activity types)
19. 5А231102 Foreign economic activity (on industry and activity types)
20. 5А231401 Statistics (on branches and spheres)
21. 5А231701 Human Resource Management
22. 5А610301 Tourism (on activity types)