Electronic services in public administration

On March 26, 2019, in the framework of innovation-corporate and international cooperation, the “Information Technologies in Economics” department of the Faculty of Information Systems in Economics in cooperation with the Ural State University of  Economics held an international video conference on the topic “Electronic services in public administration”.



The main purpose of the conference was studying of  the foreign experience and analysis of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation in the development of electronic public services achievements in public administration, raising the national and international community awareness about the current state and priority directions of development of the “Electronic Government” system.

On-line, the vice-rector of TSUE Khamidov Obidzhon Khafizovich and the vice-rector of USUE Dmitry Andreevich Karkh addressed the conference participants with a welcoming speech.



Following reports were presented to the audience of the video conference:

The project “School of electronic services” in the Sverdlovsk region, as a way of electronic promoting of state and municipal services.

Speaker: Larina Tatyana Sergeevna – Head Specialist of the Department of Quality Assurance Supply of the MFC, Yekaterinburg State and Municipal Services.

Modern electronic services in the banking sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan national economy

Speaker: Egamberdiev Temur Iskandarovich – Director of the Department for Information and Communication Technologies Development of the Banks Association of Uzbekistan.

Features of the delivery of statistical reporting in electronic form using the program «eStat» 3.0.

Speaker: Belalova Guzal Anvarovna – Senior Lecturer of the Department “Information Technologies in Economics” TSEU

E-services in Russia: current status, problems, prospects

Speaker: Ekaterina Melnikova – USUE, student


Each lecturer was questioned by both TSEU and USUE audience on the prospects for the development of information systems and of electronic services development technologies in the public administration, on which comprehensive answers and suggestions were made.

Discussions on problem-thematic areas were conducted, issues of procedures implementation quality were examined, execution of them is provided to the applicant by electronic service both on the Single Portal (gosuslugi.ru) and on specialized portals in the Republic of Uzbekistan.



Relevant information on the service page, submitting an application in electronic form and receiving the feedback from the service provider, the opportunity to make an appointment with the authority supplying the service, the opportunity to pay state duty and others are available.

In addition, the issues of information security in the providing public services, obtainable integrating information resources in the unified information system of the regions attracted the audience.

The international video conference was summed up by the conference moderators from the side of USUE – by Vlasova N. Yu. – Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of State and Municipal Administration of USUE, from the TSEU – by I.E. Zhukovskaya – head of the “Information Technologies in Economics” department of TSEU.



In particular, they noted that in the conditions of the digital economy formation, electronic public services are developing rapidly. Significant experience has already been accumulated, both in the Russian Federation and in the Republic of Uzbekistan. There are a number of similar systems, technical solutions, but at the same time, particular differences are evident.



In addition, in order to effectively address the challenges of introducing e-government technologies and e-government methods, regular studies were emphasized as necessary not only of the public’s readiness to introduce new technologies, but also monitoring the effects resulting from the implementation of projects to optimize government activities in supplying services to objects of the economy.

The conference was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The participants agreed on further development of cooperation and holding similar events.

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