Sport is a symbol of beauty

The Women’s Committee, the Trade Union Committee, the Youth Union and the Physical Education Department of the Tashkent State Economic University under the motto “Sport – the symbol of beauty” organized sports competitions for women of faculty and staff. At the competitions, dedicated to the International Women’s Day – March 8, the participants competed in the relay race and darts.

In the relay competitions the participants competed in the following types: running a basketball with obstacles, getting the ball into the basket, overcoming the obstacle with a skipping rope, driving a small ball with a tennis racket, tug-of-war; by the strength of their ability to hit the target.

The women’s team of the faculty The corporate management, which successfully passed all the stages, won the competition. All participants were awarded with diplomas, diplomas and memorable gifts.

The event was organized with a view to promoting health, attracting to physical education and sport, promoting the promotion of physical culture and sports among women, faculty and staff.

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