Day: April 10, 2018

On 7 April, our University was visited by Deputy head of the representative office of TIKA-Turkish Agency for cooperation and coordination in Uzbekistan Mr. Onur GEZ and the Deputy head of the delegation Yusuf Tolga MUTLU.

The purpose of the visit is to establish cooperation between our University and the organization of TIKA-Turkish cooperation and coordination Agency.

April 10, 2018 at the Tashkent state university of economics was organized scientific seminar with the participation of the Assosiation of Writers of Uzbekistan, the State Museum History of the Temurids age, humanitarian departments of the University History of Uzbekistan and Social Sciences is dedicated to the birth of the 682th anniversary of the great commander Amir Temur. It was named «The historical, cultural, spiritual heritage of Amir Temur and the Temurids’ age and its role in world civilization».

The event was opened by Rector of the Tashkent state university of economics, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Hodiyev Bakhodir Yunusovich.

Among the invited guests People’s Writer of Uzbekistan Muhammad Ali, the head of the Islam Karimov Memorial, Timur Shirinov, the researchers of the State Museum of History of the Temurids Ozoda and Rakhmatullaeva Farrukh Avazov participated with their contributions to the era of Amir Temur.

It was noted by the speakers that the great Amir Temur had reached seven climates during his lifetime, Amir Temur was a great commandor, was a historian who had made a great contribution to the development of culture, was united by Amir Temur under the so-called single state flag, stabilized the country’s economy, information on trade and craftsmanship, industrial development, expansion of trade relations with the neighboring countries during the age of Amir Temur and his dynasty.

At the same time, the scholars, public figures and students, who are the symbol of courage and wisdom, have settled in the great power, leaving a practical and theoretical heritage of statehood, science, culture, creativity, religion and a broad way to the development of spirituality.

Participants in the scientific seminar enriched their knowledge with the information of our great ancestor and her contribution to the development of science and culture.

The example of our ancestors has been an example of the young generation’s worthy successors as a worthy successor, the future creator, and the way to educate.

Winners of the quiz conducted on the theme “Place and role of Amir Temur in the history of Uzbek statehood” were awarded.