Month: April 2018

Professor of the Department of Corporate Governance of TSEU Ikromov Murod Akromovich and Associate Professor Karlibaeva Raya Khadzhibaevna participated in the USA in the State of New York at the IV International Conference “Uzbekistan on the Way of New Reforms” organized by the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada and the “Uzbekistan- with the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the United States, the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Nations, the Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in New York. During the visit to the United States, a number of meetings were organized with the leadership of KBE. Including a meeting with a member of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the State of Grace Meng, at which issues of people’s diplomacy and development of Uzbekistan were discussed in the conditions of economic modernization. I went on an official visit to the Turkestan-American Association. At a meeting with the chairman of this association, Abdullah Khoja, a number of issues related to living conditions in the US and reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan were considered.

He was visited by the University of Queens, where issues related to history and culture between countries, exchange of teachers and students between universities, exchange of experience in teaching, and the organization of a summer school between the Queen’s College and TSEU were discussed. The participants were acquainted with the functions of the Bukhara Jewish Center, the work of the Congress of Bukharian Jews in the US and Canada, organized a meeting with activists of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada represented by Barukh Babbaev. During the international conference the President of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada B.Kandov delivered a speech. He noted in his report that cooperation can not and should not be carried out only by state authorities. The most important role here is assigned to the people and to its most active representatives. The corresponding activity of state and non-state organizations is covered by the concept of people’s diplomacy or, as is now customary, popular diplomacy. Mutual understanding between nations is possible with a tolerant attitude to the values ​​on which their worldview is based. As he noted: “… the delivery of these values ​​to the consciousness of people of other cultures and civilizations in forms through which they could be better understood and accepted is the essence and task of people’s diplomacy.”

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United States Zh. Vakhabov noted in his report on the implementation of the concept of the transition from a strong state to a strong civil society in the country, the role of civil society institutions in the context of deepening democratic reforms and the formation of civil society. He mentioned the need for stages of the country’s development within the framework of the “Uzbek model” of reforms carried out based on the strategic goal of developing democracy – building and building a strong civil society in Uzbekistan. Permanent representative of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the United Nations B. Ibragimov noted that the improvement of state and public construction is aimed at further strengthening the role of the parliament in deepening democratic reforms and modernization of the country, developing the organizational and legal basis for public administration and public service. He said that the further implementation of the mechanisms of public control will lead to an increase in the role of civil society institutions and the media. Providing the rule of law and reforming the judicial and legal system aimed at strengthening the genuine independence of the judiciary and guaranteeing the reliable protection of citizens ‘rights and freedoms, improve the level of citizens’ access to justice, improve the system of combating crime and prevent crime, ensure the full implementation of the principle of adversarial proceedings, improve the system of legal assistance and legal services. Ensuring security, interethnic harmony and religious tolerance, implementing a balanced, mutually beneficial and constructive foreign policy, strengthen the independence and sovereignty of the state, create a belt of security, stability and good neighborliness around Uzbekistan, promote the positive image of the country abroad.

Head of the delegation of Uzbekistan Chairman of the Oliy Majlis Committee on International Relations, Foreign Economic Relations, Foreign Investments and Tourism Kurmanov noted that the ongoing reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan, provide a comprehensive and accelerated development of the state and society, the implementation of priority areas for the modernization of the country and the liberalization of all spheres of life. He mentioned in his report that, in the context of globalization, the state requires the development and implementation of “fundamentally new ideas and principles for further sustainable and advanced development of the country.” He noted that the strategy includes the development and liberalization of the economy aimed at increasing its competitiveness and openness, ensuring freedom of economic activity, strengthening macroeconomic stability and maintaining economic growth. Modernization and active diversification of the leading sectors of the economy, radical reform of the financial and banking sector, comprehensive protection of private property and entrepreneurship, expansion of foreign economic relations, active attraction of foreign investments, effective development of tourism, structural reforms in agriculture will lead to effective solution of employment issues. The development of the social sphere is aimed at a gradual increase in wages, pensions and allowances, providing citizens with affordable modern housing, upgrading the housing and communal services, social infrastructure, improving the system of social protection of the population and health, education and science.

President of the organization “Uzbek Initiative” F. Muradov noted that in Uzbekistan the principles of democracy are clearly defined, in the economic sphere the strategies of a powerful and dynamically developing economy are determined, the protection of the owner’s rights and the equality of all forms of property are ensured; the economy is democratized, social protection of the population is ensured. Professor TGUEU M. Ikramov spoke about the marketing strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ways to improve it in the current conditions of economic development, the director of the political department of the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada, T. Aronov, dwelled on the modern realities of Uzbekistan and their reflection in the Western press. Associate professor of TSEU Raya Karlibaeva in her report noted the role of the close relationship between the development of education and development trends in public life, that education is a leading factor in the country’s socio-economic development. The report of the employee of the Cabinet of Ministers F. Bekov was devoted to the multi-cultural society of the country. During the conference, issues related to popular diplomacy, implementation of the development strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, reforms implemented in Uzbekistan, the development of the educational system between countries, economic relations between the countries of the United States and Uzbekistan, modern realities of Uzbekistan and their reflection in the Western press, multi-cultural relations were discussed. countries. Videos were shown about the achievements of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Raya KARLIBAEVA, Associate professor of TSUE.

On March 28, Professors of Economic Academy of Tsenov in Bulgaria, Borislov Borisov and Boyko Petov visited Tashkent State University of Economics. During the conference, mutual collaboration between two educational establishments was discussed.

TSUE Team expresses its sincere appreciation to guests and wishes them future prosperity and career growth.


On the same day, Vise-director of Economic high school, University of South Ural in Russian Federation, S. Gerasimova and I. Sukhin paid a visit to Tashkent State University of Economics.

The purpose of the visit is to establish cooperation between the Tashkent State University of Economics and the South Ural State University.

On March 27, Tashkent State University of Economics conducted a guest lecture with consultants of Education center “Edu-Action” Oydin Khalikova and Nasiba Raupova.

They introduced students with IDP IELTS test, which is popular among students nowadays.

They provided the test overview informed students about opportunities IDP IELTS gives in taking this test.