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On January 26, 2019, the information and awareness Career Day event was held at Tashkent State University of Economics. Leading specialists and department heads of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Economy and Industry, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the State Committees, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Central banks, commercial banks, as well as over 250 companies and firms of various forms of ownership participated in the Career Day.

The Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the strategy for further development of the Republic of Uzbekistan” dated February 7, 2017 defines the tasks on persist ing the course of further improvement of continual education of the system, increasing the availability of high-quality educational services, training highly qualified personnel in accordance with modern labor market needs.

The decree identifies the creation of new jobs, the provision of rational employment of the population, primarily, graduates of secondary specialized and higher educational institutions, ensuring balance and development of the labor market infrastructure, reducing unemployment as priority areas for the development of the social sphere.

Currently, the Tashkent State University of Economics has developed specific measures on work placement of graduates, and the defined tasks are being consistently implemented. The goal of the traditionally conducted information and awareness event “Career Day” is aimed at this.

Measures on vocational guidance and employment of graduates of the 2018/2019 school year has also begun. In this direction, the university administration, deans and departments carry out the necessary tasks for vocational guidance, distribution and employment of graduates. In particular, close ties were established with the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and regional khokimiyats on professional orientation, distribution and employment of graduates of the 2018-2019 school year.

Information on undergraduate and graduate programs graduates was presented to participating in the event organizations and enterprises providing vacancies. University faculties, training staff of departments, graduate students of undergraduate and graduate programs actively participated in this event. During the event, presentations, electronic handouts, brochures, and other methods and means of presentation were effectively used. Important aspects of training competitive specialists, innovations in educational, scientific, and spiritual-enlighten processes of the university, faculties and departments were highlighted to the participants of the “Career Day” event.

Special information:

– In 2018/2019 academic year, the university graduates total 1,210 graduates, of which – 910 Bachelor graduates, – 300 Master graduates.

– Today, the Tashkent State University of Economics is preparing specialists for 20 educational areas of Bachelor and 25 specialties of Masters.

The information-awareness event “Career Day” is the following:

– university graduates special, professional and qualification knowledge, skills and abilities presentation in the areas of undergraduate education and graduate specialties;

– negotiations conducting with representatives of small businesses and private entrepreneurship, ministries, departments, committees, educational and scientific institutions, enterprises, organizations, foreign and joint ventures for the employment of university graduates of 2018-2019 academic year;

– discussion of areas, programs and topics of qualification practice and internships for teachers, students and undergraduates in enterprises and organizations in accordance with the curriculum and, by companies and students own initiative, as well;

– discussion of the mutually beneficial cooperation directions and university’s real integration links with customers of personnel, fundamental and applied scientific products;

– establishment of long-term contacts and conclusion of employment contracts between graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs with direct employers – enterprises and organizations.

Talks with graduate students with representatives of ministries, departments, organizations and enterprises on vocational guidance, job placement and employment of graduates of the 2018/2019 academic year were organized in the event. Such issues as conducting research on problematic topics in the framework of innovation cooperation, introducing alterations in curricula taking into account opinions and suggestions of participants were discussed. Systematic organization of students passing qualifying practice and advanced training, and engaging practitioners in conducting training sessions, preparation of final qualifying works and master’s theses, taking into account the proposals of experts of organizations were touched upon as well.

During the event, cooperation agreements between the Tashkent State Economic University and the ministries, departments, organizations and enterprises invited to this event were signed.

The Career Day information and awareness event plays an important role in graduates employmentr, as well as in their career guidance. Therefore, helding the “Career Day” awareness-raising event is worthy of its place at the university and has an important place in the life of alumni students.

During the event, workshops were held by representatives of commercial banks, large companies and international experts. Following topics were discussed:

– “The concept of development of the tax policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the main directions of tax policy in 2019”,

– “Strategic planning at the enterprise”,

– “The role of the banking and financial system in enhancing the competitiveness of business entities”.

The Career Day information and awareness event assisted graduates to find work placement in specialties and specializations, and helped employers to enrich their talent pool with qualified and educated specialists as well.
The event also created a platform for dialogue between scientists and practitioners for joint research of topical issues in rapidly developing sectors of the economy.

Dear colleagues and staff of Tashkent State University of Economics,

We have the pleasure to announce the Call for Application for one academic staff to carry out teaching activities in the HOCHSCHULE BREMEN – CITY UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, Germany in the framework of the project “Academic Staff Mobility between HSB and TSUE Towards Enhancement of Teaching Competences” funded under the Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals of the ERASMUS+ Programme.

During mobility, selected academic staff should:

  • carry out teaching activity comprising minimum 8 hours of teaching per week during summer semester (May 2019) at the receiving institution;
  • read lectures in the field of finance or international management and prepare lecture materials (case description, presentations, hand-outs, etc.);
  • carry out teaching with the use of case studies for bachelor students in their second year;
  • contribute to a class with two or three separate case studies (strategic management, finance or international management) including questions for the written exam;
  • fill in the online EU Survey, prepare a written report on staff teaching mobility and submit those within one week.

For teaching mobility, a selected staff will receive the financial support from the ERASMUS+ EU funds.

Duration of mobility: 12 days (including travel days)

General selection criteria for staff mobility:

  • Academic suitability (area of expertise the applicant should have, qualifications and/or professional positions in subject area, publications, benefits for students at the host university);
  • Experience in the field (possession of relevant teaching experience and/or research relevant to the subject area);
  • Language capacity (minimum level of English language should be B2, indication of benefits of the mobility for the home university).

Priority will be given to full-time academic staff members who have been employed by the TSUE for at least two years as well as to those who have not been on Erasmus yet, or had little mobility in the past.

Interested applicants should submit to local project coordinator the following application documents:

  • Proposed plan for teaching activity
  • CV (in Europass format)
  • Certificate/s for English language proficiency (if any)
  • Copy of passport
  • Copies of diplomas
  • First preliminary draft of case studies proposed for teaching (in English)

Deadline for submission of application documents: 26 January 2019

Selected applicants will be notified within two weeks by e-mail after the deadline.

Contacts for further details and for submission of application documents:

Prof. Dr. Martina Röhich, Faculty Coordinator, Hochschule Bremen, Germany

E-mail: Martina.roehrich@hs-bremen.de                         

Zufar Ashurov, local project coordinator, Tashkent State University of Economics

Tel.: (93) 515-55-41, E-mail: zufara@mail.ru

On March 27, Tashkent State University of Economics conducted a guest lecture with consultants of Education center “Edu-Action” Oydin Khalikova and Nasiba Raupova.

They introduced students with IDP IELTS test, which is popular among students nowadays.

They provided the test overview informed students about opportunities IDP IELTS gives in taking this test.

The Tashkent State Economic University, Faculty of Economics, in cooperation with the Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Adolat” organized a roundtable on “Youth for the Future’s Supporters and Creator” in the hall of the activists within the framework of the project “The Future of Homeland for the Future”.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On increasing the effectiveness of the state youth policy and supporting the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan” dated July 5, 2017, the great statesman Amir Temur Amir Temur’s commitment to the Motherland, , the courage, selflessness and justice are the examples of the younger generation, and all the military academic lyceums of the Republic were named “Temurbeklar maktabi”.

In order to ensure the implementation of the decree, it is important that the systematic work is being carried out to support talented youth in all spheres, especially education and political parties.

Depending on the tasks set out in the State Youth Policy Program, systematic work is being carried out at the Tashkent State Economic University. Especially during the years of independence there are meetings with young people who have gained prestigious international and republican prizes and scholarships with their talent and potential.

The event was attended by a member of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis, a member of the Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan “Adolat” Ulugbek Samadov, members of the team of “Bunyodkor” football club and youth team, as well as students of the university.

The event was held in open communication and question-answer.

Participants of the event received extensive answers to their questions.

The Women’s Committee, the Trade Union Committee, the Youth Union and the Physical Education Department of the Tashkent State Economic University under the motto “Sport – the symbol of beauty” organized sports competitions for women of faculty and staff. At the competitions, dedicated to the International Women’s Day – March 8, the participants competed in the relay race and darts.

In the relay competitions the participants competed in the following types: running a basketball with obstacles, getting the ball into the basket, overcoming the obstacle with a skipping rope, driving a small ball with a tennis racket, tug-of-war; by the strength of their ability to hit the target.

The women’s team of the faculty The corporate management, which successfully passed all the stages, won the competition. All participants were awarded with diplomas, diplomas and memorable gifts.

The event was organized with a view to promoting health, attracting to physical education and sport, promoting the promotion of physical culture and sports among women, faculty and staff.

The Department of World Languages ​​organized a spiritual-educational and educational event dedicated to the life and work of Zulfiya Israilova poet, “Singer of loyalty and devotion.” The guests were Rano Zaripova Rano Zaripova, a well-known journalist in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The birthday of the first day of spring is actually the grace of fate. Each spring, the Spring Festival is celebrated in our country in harmony with the birthday of our poetess Zulfiyakhonim. In fact, the beginning of spring is literally our literary poetry in our country. Indeed, Zulfiyahonim is an example of mature poetry, loyalty and commitment to all Uzbek women. He is living not only in our literature and poetry, but in the memory of our people forever. Everyone who started talking about the poet ‘s personality starts with Zulfiyahonim, the queen of honor and loyalty.

During the spiritual-enlightenment and educational event, students performed fragments of slogans Zulfiya samples and presented their performances. Guests of the event listened to the guest speaker Rano Sharipova about life and creative work of Zulfiyakhonim.

The Tashkent State Economic University hosted a cultural and innovation event dedicated to the 535th anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur.

There will be great kings, great scholars, prominent writers and poets who clearly identify the historical, cultural and national images of every nation.

Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur is one of the great sons of humanity. In the history of humanity, Bobur’s personality, talent and virtues are very rare.

Bobur is a great king, a great poet, a theoretical literary critic, a faqih, linguist, an art critic, an ethnographer, a creator of animal and plant life. Only one “Boburnoma” is an example of its interest in more than twenty industries.

February 14 is the birthday of our great grandfather Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, who has a strong place in the history of national poetry in our country, delighted with the hearts and souls of the native land, humanity, love and love.

535th anniversary of the great poet and statesman Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur is widely celebrated in all spots of our country.

At the event at the Tashkent State University of Economics, lectures and musical-cultural essays, “Artistic parties”, intellectual contests, and other events aimed at studying and popularizing life and creativity of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, national costumes and puppet shows, as well as rituals for banners promoting BoburDay campaign and many other promotional projects. It was attended by poets, writers, scientists, artisans, singers, sportspeople, international and Asian champions in various fields and directions, as well as scholarship winners.

It is worth noting that the university professors and students actively participated in these events organized in connection with the 535th anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Bobur, the great statesman, commander, poet and writer, who did great works, creativity and creativity in our national history. cultural heritage.

Participants made extensive coverage of memorable videos and photos on social networks and websites online.


Photo by: Humoyun Rakhmatov